Meet Arrietta van der Voort!

Arrietta van der Voort will perform in The Maids, opening May 9th in Charlottesville, VA

Name: Arrietta van der Voort
Age: 19

What is your favorite thing about your character?

I really enjoy playing this character (Solange) because she makes sense. She's often really terrible, but you can always find her motivations and the reasons she's become the way she is. I guess that's more of a compliment to Genet than anything else! She's also very, very smart, which is always fun to play on stage.

What is this play about from the perspective of your character?

From Solange's perspective, this play is about taking power from those she feels have hurt her, and maintaining that power by whatever means possible. This is also a play about wanting freedom, but not really being sure what that actually means or entails. 

If you had some advice to offer your character what would it be?

Go to therapy!

What drew you to this play?

When I first read it, I was really fascinated by the relationship between the two sisters. I'm a big sister myself, and while I hope I'm nothing like Solange, it's interesting to enact that relationship in an environment that is so strained and claustrophobic. It's also so incredibly layered-- I think we all discover new things each time we speak the words.

How did you get involved with Offstage?

A friend of mine recommended me to the director of this production, I read the script, I got excited, here we are!

What is the most challenging thing about performing in a site-specific environment?

I actually thing performing in a site-specific environment is an advantage for me as an actor because it creates a more real environment than being on a stage with fancy lights does. I guess the real challenge, as with any performance, is forgetting the audience is in Madame's bedroom as well. 

What is your favorite food?

Any combination of bread and cheese.

What is you dream for the future?

Free college (before I graduate)!!

What is your favorite way to unwind after playing a difficult scene?

First of all, I try to take a nap before every rehearsal because the show is so intense and also I love sleeping. Then, afterwards, getting some takeout with my roommates and watching some terrible TV (like, Real Housewives terrible) is always a nice way to relax and settle into myself again.

Come see Arrietta play Solange in The Maids,  June 9 - 11 and 16-18 at 8:30pm.

Tickets $15 each, by reservation only.

All performances will take place at the historic McShane House, 209 Maury Ave., Charlottesville, VA.

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